From Friday 5th of June Ada Rose premises will be open to clients. See open hours here.
Once all our ladies return after the COVID-19 scare here in Perth we will extend our hours back to 4pm. Sorry for the inconvenience
It is of great sadness that Ada Rose has closed their doors due to coronavirus. We will re-open as soon as the government allows us. To all the wonderful clients we look forward to seeing you in the near future please be safe and healthy.

Ladies Schedules

Last updated 17th Apr Monday 19th Apr Tuesday 20th Apr Wednesday 21st Apr Thursday 22nd April Friday 23rd April Saturday 24th April CLOSED
Abbie 6pm - 3am 4pm - 1am 9pm - 6am
Cassandra 4pm - 1am
Cat 9pm - 6am
Danni 6pm - 3am 7pm - 4am 7pm - 4am
Joy *Back Next Week*
Kitty 7pm - 4am 9pm - 6am
Lizzy 9pm - 6am 7pm - 4am 7pm - 4am
Lola 9pm - 6am 9pm - 6am
Meg *Back Next Week*
Mila *NEW*
Molly 6pm - 3am 9pm - 6am
Paige 9pm - 6am 9pm - 6am
Petal 6pm - 3am 9pm - 6am 7pm - 4am
Phoebe 6pm - 1am 4pm - 1am 4pm - 1am
Pixie 4pm - 1am 4pm - 1am
Raven 6pm - 3am 9pm - 6am 9pm - 6am 9pm - 6am
Rubee 4pm - 1am 4pm - 1am
Roxy 7pm - 4am 7pm - 4am
Sammi 6pm - 3am 9pm - 6am 9pm - 6am
Sandy 6pm - 3am 7pm - 4am 4pm - 1am
Zara 4pm - 1am