From Friday 5th of June Ada Rose premises will be open to clients. See open hours here.
Our gorgeous ladies are available for escorts from Friday the 1st of May! Sorry, still no incalls allowed until the corona virus ban is lifted so we have made some slight changes to our opening hours. We will now have girls available from 4pm to 4am Tuesday to Saturday! Stay healthy and hope to hear from you all real soon. Ada Rose xx
It is of great sadness that Ada Rose has closed their doors due to coronavirus. We will re-open as soon as the government allows us. To all the wonderful clients we look forward to seeing you in the near future please be safe and healthy.

Ladies Schedules

Last updated 6th August 3rd August 4th August 5th August 6th August 7th August 8th August 9th August - Closed
Amy *NEW* 7pm -4am
Bella 7pm - 4am 4pm - 1am 4pm - 1am
Cassandra 4pm - 1am 4pm - 1am 4pm - 1am
Cat *Back Soon*
Chantel 9pm- 6am
Danni 9pm - 6am 9pm - 6am
Lana 4pm - 1am
Lola 7pm-4am 7pm - 4am 9pm - 6am
Molly 7pm - 4am 7pm - 4am 7pm - 4am
Paige 7pm - 4am 7pm - 4am 9pm - 6am
Pixie 4pm - 1am 4pm - 1am 4pm - 1am
Sammi 9pm - 6am 9pm - 6am 9pm - 6am
Sophia *NEW* 5pm - 2am 5pm - 2am 9pm - 6am
Taylor *Back Soon*
Raven 9pm - 6am 9pm - 6am 9pm - 6am
Winter 7pm - 4am 7pm - 4am 9pm - 6am 9pm - 6am