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Perth Kinky Escorts at Ada Rose

Perth Kinky Escorts

Ever wanted to try something new? Getting kinky in the bedroom doesn’t need to make you nervous, especially not with one of our Perth Kinky Escorts. It might seem intimidating at first, but by the end of your booking, you’ll be wondering why you never ventured there before. The ladies who offer kinkier bookings at Ada Rose are very enthusiastic about the quality of the service they can provide in helping others discover their fantasies. Our Perth escorts can offer Fetishes, Bondage and Discipline, Role Play, Domination and Toys.

What do you want to try?

Knowing will make it 100% easier for the escort of your choice to provide the kind of service you are looking for. She will be able to tailor the booking to your interests and experience level better if you can point her in the right direction. However, it’s totally fine to not know, yet. You could request a taster session, therefore giving you the opportunity to try new things without becoming overwhelmed.

Not all Kink and BDSM sessions involve pain play. Many requests are geared toward catering for fetishes like, cross-dressing, sensation play, foot fetish, domination or playing with restraints. Having said that, some sessions might include flogging, spanking, corporal punishment or electro play and it all depends on the individual.

What are your limits?

Most people have a fair idea of what kinds of activities turn them off in the bedroom. These things will be able to help you identify your own Hard Limits, which are activities that are a definite, hard “NO”. Communicating your hard limits to prospective play partners is crucial to ensuring both parties are participating enthusiastically and consensually. Check your compatibility for hard limits, personal boundaries and desires with your kinky escort and it will result in a more enjoyable booking for both of you. Having an understanding between the both of you for what is ok and what isn’t means that play can flow more easily and safely.

Hard limits that can be common: Scat Play, Water Sports, Leaving Marks, Breath Play, Rape Play, Bestiality, Incest, Age Play, Activities involving minors.

If you’re interested in seeing one of our Perth Kinky Escorts at Ada Rose, please check out the girl’s profiles and services here, or you can call with any enquiries on 08 9355 8310.

Role Play: Bringing Imagination to the Bedroom

Sexy School Girl Role Play Escorts


The concept of role play is not a new one. For years and years couples have been donning costumes and bringing their imaginations to life in the bedroom. Role play opens up the bedroom to fun, saucy characters and suddenly your partner is no longer the person s/he was before. Now they are the sexy nurse coming to take your temperature and look after you in whatever way you need!

Using role play in the bedroom can ignite a new spice and veracity to your sex life, bringing images from your imagination to life and making fantasies come true in a safe and consensual way. It can create a space where you are able to reenact your fantasies and take on an alternate persona; whether that is being a ‘naughty school boy’ who must be punished by the Head Mistress for not doing your homework, The Jock of the football team who can turn the lesbian coach with his strength and pleasure or the sinning patron at the church who is seduced by the pure and demure nun. With role play, anything is possible!

There are lots of different styles of role play that are available to everyday people. Lingerie shops quite often have an area allocated to role play and other miscellaneous items available for purchase to help add an extra element to the traditional bedroom romp.  Then there are the numerous sex shops around that will definitely have a range of costumes, toys, massage oils and just about anything you could think of to tickle your fancy, amongst other parts.

When planning an escort to help you fulfil your role play fantasies, it is important to have a good idea of what exactly you are wanting to happen during your time with them. The more information and details you can give, the more likely you are to have a memorable experience. Things like what attire you would prefer your escort be in can help set the mood for your booking. If you have a police/gaol scene in mind, it would be far easier to get into character if your escort was also dressed for their part. If a Dominatrix scene is more your style, then letting the receptionist (or escort) know before your meeting will give both you and your escort time to prepare everything for a scene that will flow.

Other things to mention could be particular words or phrases you want to be said during your booking, discussing any safe-words if they might be needed and where you want to scene to take you.
The beauty of role play and adding it to your booking or to your bedroom is that you are only limited by your imagination.

Here are some delicious options for role play to consider:


Headmistress/school boy/girl





Gentlemen/french maid


So what are you waiting for? Let those fantasies out and add some role play to your life!