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Exploring Kinks & Pleasures – National Pleasure Survey

Who can say they absolutely loved the comedy Netflix series “Sex Education”?


The Netflix series is about exploring kinks & pleasures so in celebration of this YouGov Galaxy Pty Limited conducted a survey between 6 August and 9 August 2021. the data was weighted by age, gender and region to reflect the latest ABS population estimates for Australia.


Aussies are having less sex during lockdowns. Social distancing makes physical touch a bit tricky so this one is hardly surprising. But for our friends with ‘intimate partners’, I hope you’re copping a root because there isn’t actually much else to do in lockdown apart from be productive and/or worry about stuff.

Only one in ten rate themselves a ‘great lover’. But, twelve percent of Millennials have turned to the Kama Sutra for sexy inspo. Some of those positions are pretty tricky so I’m glad you had all of locky-d to practice being a great lover.

But let me tell you. The research wasn’t limited to sexual encounters, you absolute hornbags. Cue: some interesting findings on life’s more unexpected pleasures.

When asked what they enjoy doing to a partner or having something done to them, 1.1 millions Australians said they’d like to have their toes nibbled!

Freshly cut grass took out the award for the most satisfying smell (I mean, durr). Other options included: your own sweat, your partner’s sweat, hand sanitiser, the smell of a campfire and fresh manure on a garden.

Okay boomers, this one’s for you. You’re two times more likely than Gen Z to enjoy beetroot on a burger. I mean, beetroot is wildly stain-y and kinda retro, so I’m not hugely surprised it’s gone a bit out of fashion.

Two thirds of you admit you’ve peed in the shower. You also pleaded guilty to picking your nose and eating it, farting in public, popping pimples and chewing your nails. You filthy bunch.

And finally, 22 percent of Aussies enjoy the sound of bagpipes. Okay, this one I struggle to get around. I lived in Scotland for four years and yes, there’s a bagpipe player on the corner of every high street and yes, they’re really flippin’ loud. Either 22 percent of you have never heard bagpipes in the wild or you’re actually just into obnoxiously loud noises.

Other sounds included: the sound of your own voice (lol, me), improvised jazz music, white noise, ASMR and rolling over little stones while vacuuming.

Sex Education Season 3 is all about celebrating individuals’ kinks and quirks, so to see how you measure when it comes to pleasure, go to

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